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Which do you've got? In almost any case the halt swap is fed from terminal A4, that may have green wires attached. If you activate The important thing, you should have twelve volts at this point to ground. Now go to your brake light-weight change, check the voltage there. There need to be twelve volts about the green wire aspect and zero on another.. Limited the change, now there must be 12 on equally. Should you have a change sign relay box, it now receives difficult as being the brake gentle circuit operates with the relay box. In almost any case Once you small the change, you ought to now have twelve volts on a single pin in the tail light sockets. If you don't , find the grouped plug connectors somewhere there at the back of the car, pull the many connectors clear them and lubricate with WD40 or silicone spray, then plug them back in ensuring that they go ideal home. In case you have change alerts, or In the event the harness was the just one for switch signals and also your automobile was not so equiped, Then you certainly are loosing the circuit at that time. Just a wiring diagram is going that can assist you trace it if This is often the issue. I can fax you a replica of the wiring diagram if you wish. In retrospect, This is certainly your very likely challenge, a transform sign harness inside of a non turnsignal car or truck. TD Brake Lights Out!

They can be up at midnight triangle, hid powering the carpet, seemingly a little bit recessed beneath the very best fringe of the box. These are dazzling, shiny and gleaming inside their perversity, obvious, touchable, but not turnable. In the lip that rests about the plywood, there should be a few holes for screws To lock into the floorboards. five/8x8 roundhead screws are/were being in there. After i have the thing out, later on currently, I will Enable you to know what the bolts are, if there is a spacer, and many others. Would you like a paper sample with the holes? I could make one, then fax or mail it for you. Here's The inside track on the footrest fastenings. The upper, forward conclusion has two slots for bolts. The slots' outer finishes are 7/eight" inch from the sting from the folded-up extension that fits against the firewall. The slots them selves are one/four" higher and 3/eight inch huge---which is, the items might be drilled that has a one/four inch little bit, then enlarged to generally be the 3/8" broad. The bolts for these slots are three/16 WW. The outboard bolt passes throughout the footrest and the firewall, and its nut is in a very gap that is straddled from the bracket for your downward-sloping firewall brace. It is also a 3/sixteen WW nut, that it not quickly seen at the outset look. The inboard bolt is similar measurement, and its nut is just inboard of that same bracket, as the bolts are about 2 one/2 inches on Centre. Ed observed that just one requirements about three ft of extensions. Which is right, if you'd like to have full swing around the ratchet wrench, in the apparent at the rear of the dashboard. If you employ only 2 ft of extensions, you may be able to get to the nuts over the engine aspect with all your prehensile appropriate arm and hold a wrench on them. There is a fantastic cubic foot or more of empty House underneath there, BTW. Most likely another person can come up with an thought for a hinge and latch arrangment that may make it possible for this footrest to flip up and make this useable cupboard space. Would definitely hold a plastic peanut-butter jar of distributor cap, rotor, condenser, and so on along with a fuel pump (all the areas we stock for our MGA and MGB mates, not for ourselves, naturally). Trunk Rack

What ever air is in the road will push by means of to your rocker shaft rather than be a challenge. The oil stress gauge appears to deal with by itself and would not must be bled. You can reverse the pipe without any problems. The pump is nicely underneath this pipe, so will not likely get rid of its key, and the gauge has some kind of air-launch unit so that it's going to purge alone of air that gets into your system. Early TDs experienced the flex line affixed to the highest, at the head. There was an issue Using the oil strain indicating, occasionally 20 PSI lessen to the guage. When it was really OK. This was due to the oil needing to climb the thin copper oil line very first. The factory preset this problem by attaching the flex oil guage line at The underside. This solved the condition on afterwards automobiles. Yours was possibly reversed through the prior owner to suitable this. Many thanks. The DPO may really done a thing proper this time. My tension reads forty-50lbs. then decreases somewhat because the motor warms up. Ought to I be anxious? forty to 45 PSI is regular operating warm oil tension. TD oil line

The identical basic principle as an excellent fireman who can spray just enough h2o right into a burning residence to put out the flame and go away the home as dry as feasible afterward... I have also utilised this stuff and would just incorporate that some joints rely on the thickness of the paper gasket to provide suitable clearances (eg bearing retaining, end clearance in certain oil pumps). In order to add my random views for the pile:- 1. Generally speaking, IMHO everything like plastic gasket and so on can be a squander of your time! The sole time things such as this function is wherever you have a sufficient mating surfaces that it might have worked with out it. 2. You should all remember that gluing factors alongside one another is an extremely foolish plan, as they have got to come apart yet again at some point, and it may be a good deal earlier than you expect. It took 3 weeks to find the Head of our Humber simply because some silly person utilized a paper gasket and some Goo. The complete front end of the car was suspended twelve inches during the air by The pinnacle whilst huge amounts of penetrating oil soaked in to almost everything. Last but not least the gasket had to be sawn partly as a result of that has a home built brass blade. three. Mating surfaces ought to be clean and flat, gaskets of the appropriate sought utilized (paper/cork/copper and so on) and a light-weight coating of grease (maybe high temperature) applied to all sides on the gasket, they really should not be glued set up with all these awful coloured substances. Any time you just take items apart you ought to be capable of undo some bolts, acquire off the part, just take off the gasket in a single piece and possibly even reuse it. Would you use a smooth Rubber drain plug within your sump, no you wouldn't for panic of it allowing go and ruining your engine. Why then utilize it some place else for just a very important a occupation. As was said (and I've realized the hardway) there is no magic formula to a great seal, its just cleanse, flat,mating surfaces, with a great surface area finish, the correct gasket product & thickness, a smear of grease on mating faces, the correct torque to the fasteners. Being an impoverished motorcyclist yrs ago I tried all bodges with sealers, its all a squander of time. Do The task properly choose some time, it is going to conserve Eventually. Noise from MGTD when hitting dip in street.

Exactly where am i able to discover the pancake filter component to fit my air cleaners for my two SU's one one/4"? I would love K&N filters. Any ideas. I'm curious how your air cleaners are mounted on your own TD. I bought a list of K&N's and found which the radiator continue to be is in the way. I investigated this a while in the past and will not find K&N to suit my TD. The oil will get dim just by periodic use and should be improved a minimum of each individual 3000 miles or sooner on the TD. I take advantage of ths Stellings/Hellings models and They give the impression of being great and have been a period accent. To keep your car searching "ideal" the S/H must do exactly good. At just one time I used to be working with TF-sort dry filters on my MkII Together with the one.

or maybe some type of aftermarket thing - seemingly it matches very nicely so couldnt definitely have originate from another model The fiberglass hardtops for a TD ended up an accessory sold generally within the California location I think back in the fifties. They weren't a factory style but quite a few companies did sell them. I don't know if you could possibly say that they're "Rare" but they aren't everything popular both. TD Tops

I got in my hand the New England T series handbook -91, where by they show a trunk rack for TDs lower fitting powering the spare wheel. in which am i able to get my fingers on just one. Needs to be a lot better in comparison to the Brittish, which is placed higher than the sparew. I need it for any planned tour by means of Europe this summer months.

Carbs -- float stage might be Incorrect ; set this by inverting the float chamber lid and putting a drill of the specified dimensions underneath the little lever -- if your vehicle has spring cushioned float valve Will not press the lever down its personal excess weight is more than enough. Carb needles the correct needle for 1.5 inch H4 SU carbs is (I do think draging back a memory from 1973) SU ref GJ In case you have the sooner scaled-down SUs I do not know the needle ref. Placing the carbs. (one) Check for vacumm leaks -- don't just on the gaskets but will also for the core plugs at each conclude on the manifold cross passage. (two) Check metering the needles are sitting down at the right top during the pistons instead of sitting proud of the piston base. (three) When synching the carbs make use of a duration of 5/eight heter hose held just clear of the carb mouth --- getting the correct area might demand some practice but if you obtain it Erroneous you will never get the carbs suitable. (four) The only Device that's any use for environment the combination on an XPAG is often a Gunson ColourTune even then you will probably uncover you need to make the mixture about one/2 of the turn richer when compared to the colourtune setting --- Don't fret concerning this it's to complete With all the inlet port style on these engines. (5) Test the linkage concerning the two carb spindles is clamping effectively -- they generally slip right after rebuilds. Once you've the engine settled in chances are you'll come across it runs much better with colder (harder) spark plugs when compared to the Chaampion suggested particularly In case the compression continues to be raised -- most heads T sort have been skimmed. My TF had extensive achieve plugs and I found Champion N5 as well hot and utilised N3 or N2 the timing marks line up with marked back links to the chain not with each other also the the chain may be put on two different ways -- How Is that this? I assumed if the two marked one-way links over the chain ended up put on The 2 timing marks to the sprockets then all the things was correct. When there is a next way, will the motor run In the event the chain is placed on the next way? You could line the marks up and possess the "aspect" of the chain that needs to be on the tension aspect over the slack facet -- quantity of backlinks concerning the marks is not the similar in both directions. XPAG like most pushrod engines will tolerate quite significant glitches in valve timing but it really During this case It could be really "noticably not suitable" and could again fire throughout the carbs. The short Test is to check the valve timing is symetrical ---- ie In case the inlet valve reaches complete carry at angle X soon after TDC on the inlet stroke, then exhaust valve really should be at full raise at exactly the same angle X in advance of TDC around the exhaust stroke. This straightforward Verify works for some engines that do not have truly unique cam profiles. TD Tach Adjustment

I have a 'fifty two TD that I wish to transform to a spin on oil filter. I believe that the kit that Moss sells is for later vehicles than mine. Anybody know where by I would get this kind of package or plans on how to transform? Positive, Phil Marino (in California) can make and sells an exceptionally good spin on adapter to the TC and early TD and a person for TD/TF. It can be machined from a reliable block of aluminum and will outlive the rest of the car. About $sixty as I remember. Phil's address can be found in any recent TSO. Phil Marino, Bob Grunau, or Abingdon Spares sells a spin-on housing with the TC, adaptable to your TD. The TD mounting brackets are wider compared to TC. Many of these filter housings Have a very groove Minimize in them, to suit during the decreased groove with the mounting bracket. You need to accomplish some slight bending on the oil pipes to fit the pipes to The brand new filter housing. If you do not, the spin-on filter rubs towards the decrease bracket, quite possibly puncturing it. I'm now building a completely new batch of spin-on oil filter adapters with the TC and early TD that are marginally for a longer period and is not going to interfere Together with the spin-on filter since the bracket will probably be completely within the adapter.

Has any person attempted the Petronix ignition within their TD? In that case, what's the prognosis? I was tempted to get just one at Carlisle but didn't. Within the superb custom of the (as well as other) lists, I will start out out by expressing that I don't have any answer on the concern that Steve requested, as I have not attempted the Pertronix in a very T-type. Nevertheless, I would want to share the invention, just yesterday, of a significant issue using a Pertronix device that I mounted within an MGB. Just after putting in the Pertronix, I desired to Test the progress unit was Functioning. A vacuum pulled about the device created the plate transfer Once i checked out the distributor While using the cap off. Having said that, the motor didn't appear to complete as if it was acquiring comprehensive advance. I disconnected the vacuum pipe in the carburetor and used vacuum even though the motor was jogging. No modify in idle velocity! Off with the cap, checked the plate again - even now going. A crack for lunch to ponder this seemingly not possible problem......... After lunch, I eradicated the distributor for closer inspection. Eureka! Problem found out. This specific Pertronix device was machined in this type of way which the mounting plate that attaches exactly where the details used to be was much too vast. In other words, its periphery fouled the cap, Therefore preventing the base-plate from remaining rotated because of the vacuum device. The correct was to remove it and sand off the excess steel on the belt sander. (A file or bench grinder would operate, far too.) When changed, it created a large distinction in how properly the motor ran. So, all of you which have equipped your distributors that has a Pertronix device, may I advise you Look at to ensure that your distributor cap will not be interfering While using the P-device the place it attaches to the base-plate.

May propose that you choose to refer your issues on the Expert of differentials, Carl Cederstrand of Brea, California. He wrote the reserve on altering the ratios. Carl is at 95 or so). In mine it is going to run Okay, however, if I stop for simply a minute or two it can be very hard to start and "surges" (operates/relaxes) for quite a few minutes. Ya gotta determine that owning the float chambers about two inches within the exhaust pipe has anything to do with this.... Only factor I can suggest is to double check and make sure that the heat defend is intact. It is a sort of sandwich, and all of that very good asbestos can slide out, which seriously compromises its performance. I've seen tinfoil on gasoline traces etc but I don't think that does any good. The one solution I am aware being helpful is wait until eventually tumble. Fuel Vaporization? (MG TD) meals for imagined

I've some inquiries around the coil on my TD. The coil appears to Give up working when it receives incredibly hot (heat within the motor compartment). Does the coil Give up because it is warm or may be the coil negative since it quits Operating when it receives hot? I'd the car out yesterday and it absolutely was quite sizzling outside the house. I usually You should not drive in that sort of heat. As soon as the coil cooled down the motor would start all over again. I'd enjoy any pro suggest. The simple solution - the coil should not Give up Performing due to less than-bonnet warmth. If, by any prospect your coil isn't an OEM style, it could be in the style that need a ballast resistor when functioning. They will get inordinately sizzling if working from the whole 12 volts and could really perfectly develop into a problem. The initial coil on my TD seems to be conking out when sizzling also. A completely new a single is on get, as of the weekend. I was pleasantly astonished to find out that they're only $27 within the Moss record...probably must have experienced 1 on my cabinets way back but predicted that they might be outrageously pricey. I asked the listing about the tests of coils a number of months in the past. Arthur Pfenninger was sort more find than enough to mail me this information, for which I thank him sincerely. It can be this kind of assistance which makes the record worthwhile for me. " Disconnect all wires to coil. Set multimeter to lowest ohms scale. Hook up with + and - posts. Looking at need to be about 1.5 - three ohms. Substantially higher or reduce signifies a foul coil. Next check secondary circuit. Set meter to superior scale. Place one guide on either + or - terminal. You must get a looking through concerning six,000 and thirty,000 ohms. Produce a Notice of the studying and the size you used to get it.

I am rebuilding my TF XPAG motor which has a 3/four race cam from Moss Motors and live in the Sacramento Valley and am concerned about large ambient temperatures and achievable cooling problems. I was going to incorporate an oil cooler but was informed that this would entail tapping a completely new hole in the motor for an oil return line. I am not certain if I need to do that but the motor is in parts and it could be done very easily. Does anyone over the record have expertise with superior ambient temperatures and an MG TF/TD? Would an oil cooler enable, set up guidelines and so on.

They even obtained me new press rods for over $30 lower than Moss. The wording while in the Crane catalog about the main difference in push rods was the identical wording as from the Moss TD catalog - word for word, just diverse component quantities. My TD cam Charge $a hundred and forty. You are able to almost certainly exact same even extra money by contacting Crane immediate Oil in distributor cap

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